Places of interest in Duesseldorf

Places of interest in Duesseldorf

Duesseldorf, the provincial capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, is regularly rated by surveys as one of Germany’s best cities to live. Duesseldorf offers attractions for its almost 600,000 inhabitants and the visitors. There is no reason to fear any international comparison.
Duesseldorf is rich in places of interest, equipped with best shopping spots, known for the Altstadt (historic center) and its Rhenish hospitality. The economy of the city is based on services and trade. More than 10 million people live within a 100-km radius. Duesseldorf International Airport connects the city with some 180 destinations worldwide, 139 in Europe, 20 in America and 27 in Asia and Africa.
Duesseldorf Trade Fair is an important trading center and welcomes every year countless visitors to national and international trade fairs and exhibitions.
Must-Visit Attractions in Duesseldorf:
Every visitor passes by Königsallee and Altstadt. The “KÖ” is a long straight street between Friedrichstadt and Hofgarten. The luxury boulevard is divided by the “KÖ”-canal. Banks have settled on one side, on the other side you find a good place to go shopping. Luxury shops of world-famous brands string together. Shopping arcades, such as the KÖ Galerie make the Königsallee a shopping paradise well-known worldwide. A walk through the “KÖ” is one of the highlights of a visit to Duesseldorf. Just a few steps away, the Altstadt attracts natives and visitors. By day enjoy a walk through the narrow streets with its small shops. This is the place where life happens in the evening. More than 200 pubs, bars and restaurants compete for the guests. A walk through the Altstadt is best started in one of the numerous breweries. Enjoy the Duesseldorf lifestyle in the “Uerige”.
 And enjoy as well the beer of the same name. In additon you find water and apple juice on the small list of beverages. To a fresh glass of Altbier (fermented dark beer) snacks are served. It is like a standup pub. In the summer the small wall in front of the Uerige is used by countless visitors and after a few minutes you get in contact with the locals.There are many other breweries in the Altstadt. You find a lot of restaurants for a relaxing dinner. For nightlife in the Altstadt there are cozy pubs, bars or dance clubs. You can compare with the Ballermann at Mallorca.The Altstadt is not just food and drink.“I do not know what it should mean…” these are the words of the poet Heinrich Heine. The birthplace of Heine is located in the Altstadt. Today in the Bolker Str. 53 you find a bookstore.
From Heinrich Heine’s birthplace, it is a short distance to the Jan Wellem Equestrian Statue on the market square in front of the Town Hall. This is the place where every year the carnival parade of Duesseldorf is transmitted. The Equestrian Statue of the Elector Johann Wilhelm is one of the most beautiful equestrian statues north of the Alps. Not far from the market square is the St. Lambertus Basilica. The twisted tower roof is one of the sights of the city.
Not forget to visit the mustard museum. It is located in the Düsseldorfer Löwensenf mustard store at Bergerstraße. 
Without a doubt the best mustard of the city can be found at Gewürzhaus Düsseldorf also located in the Old Town, known as the “Altsstadt”
If the Altstadt is too loud, you find more and more alternatives at Medienhafen. In the last years, good restaurants and hip bars have settled here. The environment is worth seeing just for the architecture. In addition to the Gerry buildings, the Medienhafen impresses with a lot of unusual buildings, some used old building substances. The Medienhafen will develop in the coming years, and becomes a trendy place in the city.
If you prefer more relaxed, you will feel at ease in one of the numerous parks. The Nordpark stands out. Located near the trade fair, park visitors will find a Japanese Garden. It was built by the Japanese community and Japanese companies and is a gift to the citizens of Dusseldorf. The Japanese community in Dusseldorf is one of the largest Japanese communities outside of Japan. You can see how much Japan is rooted in Dusseldorf at Immermannstraße in the center. Close to the Niko Hotel are many Japanese shops and restaurants.

The wildlife park in the district Grafenberg invites for a walk in nature. In the enclosures, you find wild boar, fallow deer, and red deer. Admission is free.

Hoteltipps in Duesseldorf:
Steigenberger Hotel near the KÖ
Breidenbacher Hof
Mutterhaus in Kaiserswerth

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