Kosher vending machine at Frankfurt Airport’s Departures Hall C offers food conform to Jewish dietary laws | Buzz travel


Kosher treats to go are now available from a new convenient food vending machine in Departures Hall C at Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1. The choice ranges from gummy bears and traditional Jewish sweets to hearty stuffed cabbage rolls. The snacks and specialties on offer are all conform to Jewish dietary laws. This is guaranteed by Frankfurt-based food retailer Migdal, who is responsible for stocking the machine. Migdal also supplies many of the households in Frankfurt’s Jewish community.

“Thanks to the new food vending machine, Jewish travelers have access to food and nutritious take-away snacks that are certified to be kosher,” says Frankfurt’s Rabbi Avichai Apel, welcoming the new addition. The location chosen is also ideal, he adds. The machine is very close to the check-in desk for Israeli airline El Al in Departures Hall C. A Jewish prayer room is also just a few steps away. “This is an excellent service and a successful continuation of the longstanding, intensive cooperation between the airport and Frankfurt’s Jewish community,” underlines Rabbi Apel.

The food on offer costs between one and three euros and can be paid for with cash, credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay.

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