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Since the 1950s, Frankfurt Airport has exerted a magnetic attraction on whole generations of visitors fascinated by its international ambiance and the aura of aviation: a genuine window on the world. The oldest fans still recall going on Sunday outings with their families to enjoy coffee and cake in a locale right next to the apron with a closeup view of colorful aircraft from faraway countries almost close enough to touch.

A new offering of the airport’s Visitor Services has now revived some of this nostalgia: a tour dubbed “Café de Luxe”. Lasting 45 minutes, it takes visitors around the apron to acquaint them with the ground handling operations at Germany’s largest aviation hub. It includes live narration by a seasoned guide who regales them with a steady stream of interesting facts.

To top it off, the group is taken to the tradition-steeped Käfer’s Restaurant in Terminal 1 to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea or a soft drink plus their choice of a large selection of delicious homemade pies and cakes. Giant panoramic windows provide an excellent view of aircraft being serviced right next to the building. The first beverage and piece of cake are included in the price. The tour can be booked for individuals or groups and costs 16 euros per person.

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For more information on the many services offered at Frankfurt Airport, passengers and visitors can visit its website, service shop, or Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube social media pages.

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