Tourist dies in water accident from boat propeller | breaking news


A boat was being brought back to off Kamala Beach when a tourist swimming in the waters was cut by the propeller.

The swimmer, a German tourist, was outside the designated swimming zone when he was struck by the boat propeller. His left arm and leg suffered critical injuries.

He was brought ashore and rushed to Patong Hospital, but was later pronounced dead.

Thalang Police Chief Col. Sompong Thiparpakul reported that the accident occurred just before 4 pm on November 21.

Col. Sompong identified the tourist as Helmut Prock, 63, originally from Dietfurt an der Altmühl in the Bavaria region.

Mr. Prock was staying at a hotel nearby in Kamala. He checked in on the same day of the accident and was due to check out next Friday (November 29), he added.

Mr. Prock was believed to be traveling alone, Col. Sompong said.

Maj. Ekkachai Siri of the Phuket Tourist Police reported that the speedboat, called “Friendship 1” was used for towing a parasail off Kamala Beach.

He told police that Mr. Prock was submerged, causing him to not see the tourist in the water.

Mr. Prock had reportedly ventured out of the designated swim zone, which is marked off with rope and floats, to see corals.

Police reported that German consular representatives had been notified of the incident.

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